Sexual story: Gift for my girlfriend

21 Feb 2023

Sexual story: Gift for my girlfriend

My girlfriend has recently become a photographer with a studio at home. Because I would like to help her, I arranged a first customer Chantalle. Chantalle is a nice, sweet and beautiful girl of 24 with a nice body. Chantalle is a bit chubby. Not really fat but nicely filled with horny curves just like my girlfriend. I know Chantalle because I cheated with her once, but that's another story for later.

After Chantalle signed up for a photo shoot, she was of course invited by my girlfriend.

My girlfriend doesn't know Chantalle, but she knows she lives nearby. Chantalle arrives on the appointed day for the photo shoot. First they have a chat and then my girlfriend asks what kind of photos Chantalle wants exactly. She wants some nice pictures and some portrait pictures.


Together they go to the studio and my girlfriend asks if Chantalle wants to change. I want the portrait photos in these clothes and then I change. No sooner said than done. After taking pictures for a while, Chantalle wants to see some pictures. This is not usual, my girlfriend says ahead. Chantalle comes to stand behind my girlfriend to see the pictures on the camera. Because it's a small screen, Chantalle leans against my girlfriend and presses her nice tits against my girlfriend's back. A little awkwardly, my girlfriend asks if she should step aside so she can see it better. No, I see it just fine. Beautiful pictures. Now go on again? Chantalle asks? OK, you wanted to change your clothes first, I understand? my girlfriend asks? Yes and Chantalle immediately starts taking off her t-shirt and then loosening her tight jeans. I'll wait in the hallway until you're done says my girlfriend and just want to walk away. No, Chantalle says you don't have to, I have nothing else than you have. Well okay then. A bit taken aback, my girlfriend doesn't really know what to do with it and watches quietly. Chantalle is now standing in front of my girlfriend in her beautiful red lace lingerie. Sexy huh she asks? Uh yes it is a nice set says my girlfriend who no longer knows how to behave. Maybe I want some pictures in my lingerie, says Chantalle, is that possible? Well, eh, why not if that's what you want. Yes, I actually think it's exciting to have says Chantalle, but first I want some pictures in my bikini. She unceremoniously takes off her lingerie and walks naked through the room to her bag. My girlfriend is now completely taken aback and watches Chantalle hoist herself into her bikini.

After a number of beautiful poses, Chantalle wants to see the photos again. I'll look them up and then you can take a look at them says my girlfriend. No, I want to look at them together and hear which one you like best. Chantalle stands diagonally behind my girlfriend and presses against my girlfriend with her nice breasts. While watching, she even starts to turn back and forth a bit so that her breasts now also partly slide along those of my girlfriend. Teasingly she puts Chantalle's hand around my girlfriend's waist and presses herself tightly against her. My girlfriend, who is not bi or lesbian at all, does not know how to behave. After quickly looking at the photos, Chantalle goes to change clothes again. She is now very slowly putting on her lingerie, stripping a bit. Get on with the shoot, she says.

After a while, my girlfriend says that this session is almost done now, or do you have more wishes? Well says Chantalle, I want a few more in naughty poses. My girlfriend turns red at this and swallows a lump in her throat and says ok. Chantalle now starts stripping in front of the camera and in no time she is naked in front of my girlfriend playing with herself a bit. Chantalle gets up and walks very slowly and naughtily towards my girlfriend and says in a horny sultry voice, now I really want to see the pictures. Immediately Chantalle stands in such a way that my girlfriend can no longer get away and presses herself against her again. She wants to look at the photos for a long time and always looks out of the corner of her eye at my friend's reaction when she sees her naughty photos. Chantalle notices that several photos have zoomed in on her big breasts and her bald pussy. Seeing this, Chantalle starts caressing my girlfriend's breasts.

Startled, my friend pushes Chantalle away and doesn't know how to react. Come on Chantalle says with a horny look in her eyes, I know you want it, I bet your pussy is soaking wet. Bang red, my girlfriend denied this. ok says Chantalle, I will feel if your pussy is wet, if not then I will leave you alone, if it is wet, then you are mine and I will spoil you. Chantalle walks over to my girlfriend and puts her hand between her legs. See, Chantalle laughs mischievously, you want this, let yourself be

r nice to go and my girlfriend starts to tongue. My girlfriend, who is now as horny as butter, lets go and surrenders to Chantalle.

Where's your bed, asks Chantalle, upstairs my girlfriend says with a hoarse voice. go ahead then. together they walk up the stairs and go to the bedroom. Once here, Chantalle starts to undress my girlfriend until she is completely naked too. Chantaal goes behind my girlfriend and starts stroking and kneading my girlfriend's big tits. My girlfriend is so wet that it runs down her leg. Chantalle feels this as she starts to caress my girlfriend's clit with her finger and within a minute my girlfriend comes moaning. Chantalle pushes my friend onto the bed and sits on top of her. Slowly kissing she works her tongue to my girlfriend's tits. After licking it for a while she slowly goes down and starts working on my girlfriend's clit. My girlfriend who is still so horny is about to cum again. Wait a minute, says Chantalle who now turns around and lies on top of my girlfriend in position 69. For the first time my girlfriend sees someone else's pussy so close to her face. Lick it says Chantalle who has started licking my girlfriend's wet pussy again. Because she has already had such an orgasm and a second one will follow soon, she starts licking Chantalle's pussy. Because they lick each other at the same time, they do this so intensely that they come almost at the same time.


Dazed, my girlfriend is panting next to Chantalle. Chantalle, meanwhile, continues to play with my friend's tits, so her nipples are still stiff. Wait a minute, Chantalle says to my friend and she walks downstairs to her bag. There is a moment of silence and then she comes up the stairs again. My girlfriend, who has become curious, is watching Chantalle appear at the top of the stairs and shake and play with her tits. Before she is all the way up, she turns around and walks backwards further into the room. Once inside she turns around and shows a thick black strap-on cock. My girlfriend looks with delight at the thick big cock of at least 25 cm long and about 5 cm thick. My favorite says Chantalle in her sultry voice.

Tie it up and come here calls my friend. Turn around, says Chantalle, then I will spoil you intensely. Eagerly my friend turns around and Chantalle sits on top of her. Slowly she pushes the black cock into my girlfriend who has the greatest difficulty to get the thing in her cunt. After a while of getting used to, Chantalle starts to fuck my girlfriend nice and hard, which brings tears to my girlfriend's eyes. Please calm down, she cries softly, I'm not used to that big. Chantalle is so horny that she just keeps going, you like it automatically she shouts while she fucks my girlfriend hard and long. After a while the pain subsides and my girlfriend starts to enjoy the thick black cock in her cunt more and more. After another orgasm, Chantalle takes the cock out of my girlfriend's cunt and starts licking and kissing it. She kisses it and smiles mischievously. My girlfriend laughs and says, now I want to fuck you. Oh I thought you would never ask Chantalle laughs. She willingly lays on her back and my girlfriend wants to put the cock in her cunt. No not there says Chantalle and brings the head to her ass. Horny with the idea, my friend Chantalle starts to fuck hard. Chantalle who is already used to this smiles over her shoulder and says louder slut, do you think you can hurt me. My girlfriend goes as hard as she can into Chantalle's ass, who cums screaming.

Now you say again Chantalle who looks very serious and holds out her hand so that my girlfriend can hand over the strap-on cock. A little anxious, she tries to get out of this, but Chantalle does not allow this. Come I will be nice to you. My girlfriend sits down in the doggy style position and Chantalle starts licking and stretching her ass. With a decent load of lube, she primes the cock and starts sliding gently into my girlfriend's ass. Tears well up in the eyes of my girlfriend who has never been fucked anally, but Chantalle slowly picks up the pace. She starts hitting my girlfriend on the buttocks until they are both bright red. She starts to fuck harder and harder my girlfriend who is crying with her face in the pillow. After about 10 minutes Chantalle comes screaming again and takes the cock out of my friend's ass.

Crying, Chantalle takes my friend in her arms and she starts kissing her calmly and playing with her tits. My girlfriend is now joining in again and starting to pamper Chantalle's breasts. After half an hour of afterplay, they stopped and Chantalle went home to await her photos.

She bought a lot of pictures and a new play touched, my girlfriend has not yet responded to this, but has not rejected it either. who knows if there will be a sequel.