Sexual story: Emma and an administrative assistant at the office

21 Feb 2023

Sexual story: Emma and an administrative assistant at the office

Emma is a 28 year old administrative assistant at a small company. She is a beautiful slim brunette with a c-cup. She is free-spirited single. Together with Sofie, a sexually adventurous girl of 27, with red hair and double -d, she does the administration at work. Because Sofie rejected the director, Emma and Sofie were the only ones in the company who were moved to another floor of the otherwise vacant office. Next to them is the archive. The girls soon found out that two colleagues (Bob and Ellen) are using the archive to have sex with each other. This initially led to Emma pampering herself in the shower at home by sticking a shampoo bottle in her pussy. The next day Sofie and Emma got so turned on by Bob and Ellen's actions that they watched each other in the office while they were pampering themselves. The next morning Emma woke up on time. She had dreamed about Sofie again. She quickly took her vibrator from her bedside table. It didn't take long for her to come. Arriving at work, there was a strange tension between her and Sofie for a while, but neither of them wanted to be the first to discuss the previous day. Not Emma because she felt a little insecure about it and not Sofie because she thought it best to let Emma bring it up first. Around noon, Ellen came into the room. Hi, I have some papers that need to be filed. How do you like the new workplace? Emma and Sophie looked at each other. Emma answered first. Oh better than expected. We get less disturbed here, so we get the job done better. It is a pity that we have a lot less contact with colleagues here than downstairs. By the way, how are things at home. Everything is fine with your husband and your daughter. Ellen changed color for a moment, but otherwise did not budge. Things are going well at home. Say I'm going back to work, very busy you know. When Ellen was out of the room Sofie started to laugh. Oh you are mean Emma. What did Emma say almost innocently. Can I ask? Especially now that she lets Bob fuck herself in the archive next to our room. Nothing special happened for the rest of the day and Emma and Sofie managed to do a lot of work. At the end of the day, Emma went home. She was quite disappointed. Yesterday she had had a wonderful and exciting day at work, but today nothing had happened. Emma had expected Sofie to at least mention the previous day. She herself was not brave enough to do this. She was not used to taking the first step. The next day was another disappointment for Emma. Sofie patiently waited for Emma herself to talk about what had happened between them. She believed it was wiser not to force Emma on this point. However, Emma became increasingly nervous about this. She was dying to talk to Sofie about what they had done that Tuesday. How they had watched each other while they were pampering themselves and how horny it was to see the other cum. The events of that Tuesday still haunted her mind. Only now that Sofie didn't bring it up, she didn't dare herself. Emma walked around horny all day and didn't really know what to do. That Friday, Emma was early for work. She had slept badly. Her head was filled with the images of what had happened Monday and Tuesday and she couldn't stop thinking about it or fantasizing about what would happen next time. Emma was horny and felt a huge pressure on her pussy. She had an enormous need to get ready. In the morning it was quiet and during the break they had only discussed what each of them had planned for that weekend. That afternoon, disappointed Emma went to get coffee for Sofie and herself. She had been very horny at the office the past few days and nothing had happened to Sofie. On her way to the coffee machine, she heard something in the archive. Oh my God, she thought, Bob and Ellen are at it again. She crept quietly to the door of the archive and gently opened it a crack. She was shocked instead of Bob and Ellen she saw Rick and Claudia. Rick and Claudia were in their mid-40s and had been married for years. Apparently there was still enough passion in the marriage. Rick held Claudia up against a cupboard with her ass up. Claudia's skirt was above her waist, she had wrapped her legs around Rick. Rick slammed into Claudia at a rapid pace. Emma hadn't expected this. Rick and Claudia were always very quiet in the office and were reluctant to show affection in public. Claudia was clearly looking forward to it. Her head was thrown back and hit the cupboard. She had her eyes closed and her mouth open with pleasure. She moaned softly. Ooh yes, yes go on. Oh how nice you are. Rick breathed quickly. The couple clearly did their best not to make too much noise. Claudia began to moan louder. Shh Rick hissed. We don't want to get caught. The pair went on for a while and Rick also began to moan too softly. EV

and later he jerked and clearly came. So easy without the kids around. We should come back here more often. Emma couldn't hear how Rick reacted. She had hurried off to the coffee machine. Afraid of being caught.

On the way back to their room, the scene of Rick and Claudia haunted Emma's mind. It wouldn't be the case that the archive became the meeting place of the couples here at work, would it? In fact, that made her even more excited. It would mean that she and Sofie could enjoy the sexual adventures of their colleagues. And the best part was that they didn't even notice.

Cheeks flushed with excitement, Emma entered the room she shared with Sofie. Sophie saw her enter. The coffee isn't cold again, is it? Were Ellen and Bob at it again? She took a long gulp of coffee and immediately spat it out. Hey he's scorching hot. Well apparently Bob and Ellen weren't busy. Sofie looked at her suspiciously. At. Emma couldn't take it anymore and said laughing. I saw Rick and Claudia in the archives on the way there. Those two said Sofie surprised. But they are so quiet. Wow still waters really run deep, don't they? Tell me everything.

Emma told in scents and colors what had happened. Wow said Sofie, that was really horny. We should put a camera in that archive. You know Emma said, I was already thinking about that. Emma thought about hanging a camera in the archive and already got images of what it would show. She was already horny and unconsciously a hand moved more and more to the inside of her legs. Gently she stroked herself. Say Sofie, can I borrow your vibrator again? Ooh you slut, you're really bad. Is that a yes or a no, Emma asked. It depends, what's in it for me? I know, it's okay if you treat yourself on my desk. I want to see you well.

Emma thought of all her fantasies and dreams of the past few days and immediately said yes. She walked over to Sofie's desk, took off her pants and panties before Sofie sat on the desk. Sofie took her vibrator from her bag. Emma slowly and seductively spread her legs, exposing her shaved pussy. No, no not yet, Sofie said and she held the dildo back a little. You have to undress yourself completely. Emma pretended to doubt for a moment. But this was so similar to her fantasies about Sofie that she knew immediately she would do this. Well okay then. Emma took off her blouse and bra. There she sat naked with her legs spread on Sofie's desk. She had put her feet on Sofie's chair backs, so that she had a fantastic view of her slim body. Emma seductively took her breasts in her hands and said, can I have the vibrator now please?

Sofie, licked her lips ooh what a wonderful view. She turned on the vibrator and handed it to Emma. Hey, I knew I should have taken the dildo out of my drawer too (see previous part of the story). Emma gently stroked her belly with the vibrator and slowly brought it down to her. She moved the vibrator over her thighs, to the insides of her legs. Slowly the vibrator caressed and vibrated back and forth over the inner thighs. Emma delayed contact, the feeling of the vibrator was wonderful and she did her best to get Sofie even more excited.

After playing for a while, Emma couldn't take it anymore. She was just about to press the vibrator against her clit when Sofie took control. She pushed the hand in which Emma had the vibrator to Emma's pussy. Don't be so teasing, she said. When the vibrating tip of the vibrator touched her clit it was as if an electric shock went through Emma. Emma arched her back. What a wonderful feeling that was. Emma let out a moan oohh came out of her mouth. Wow, you really are a horny slut, Sofie said. She let go of Emma's hand and her fingers slid down to Emma's pussy. You are also very wet. Sofie brought her wet fingers to her mouth and licked them. You taste fantastic, she said.


This made Emma even hornier. Her breathing accelerated. Sofie stroked Emma's legs with her hands, starting at her calves, slowly moving up to the knees, then to the inside of Emma's thighs. Oh how good that felt. Sofie also tried to knead Emma's buttocks. Shit, she didn't get it right. Her hands therefore went up through Emma's belly to her breasts. Sofie began to gently knead Emma's breasts. Emma moaned. The vibrator on her clit and the hands on her breasts felt great. Softly she started to moan, oohh aaahh yes. It was as if all the horniness she had felt the past few days and the enormous tension that had built up in her cunt during that time were starting to come out. Yes, Emma moaned, play with me.

Sofie did not let herself be told that a second time. She too had been having a hard time the past few days

had. Every morning she had wanted to jump Emma right away and every time she had held back to give Emma the initiative. Sofie yanked the vibrator out of Emma's hand with one hand and rammed it into her pussy. Despite the size of the thing, the vibrator slid right in, Emma was that wet. Sofie started fucking Emma with the vibrator and kept kneading Emma's breasts with the other hand. This was too much for Emma. She began to moan louder. Ooh yes yes. Her orgasm came at a breakneck speed. Aah aaahh aaaahh yaaaah. Emma came hard. She fell off Sofie's desk onto Sofie's lap. Emma was completely hung over Sofie by the world. Her breasts in Sophie's face. When she came to a moment later, she felt Emma gently sucking her nipples and licking her breasts. The vibrator had slipped out of her pussy and fallen to the floor.

Emma slowly straightened up and stood. Hey, said Sofie, surprised. That was wonderful Emma said. Emma thought for a moment and asked, do you want me to do you the same favor? Sofie didn't have to think about that. She immediately stood up and yanked down her pants and thong. Well Emma said, it looks like we're switching places and she sat down in Sofie's office chair. Sofie immediately sat down on the edge of the desk with her feet on the armrests of the chair.

No, no tutte Emma, don't you forget what? Sophie looked at her in surprise. I had to sit naked, Emma said, so you should too. Sophie did as she was told. Soon she was naked on the edge of the desk. Her double-d's looked fantastic. Emma took Emma the dildo from Sofie's drawer. I'm sure we can use these in a moment, she said. She put it on the desk next to Sofie. Hmm said Emma, she put her hands up and grabbed Sofie's tits. Wow those feel great. Gently she began to knead the tits. She lifted up slightly and took Sophie's tits in her mouth. Gently she started licking it and sucking on the nipples. Something Emma had wanted to do for a long time recently. Her hands slowly slid down Sofie's belly. Then from behind, past that tight ass, down over Sofie's thighs and slowly up the inside again. Sophie was shaking with pleasure. She was very horny. Emma moved her fingers to Sofie's pussy.

Emma sat down again and looked at the pussy, stroking it with two fingers. Sofie's pussy was really soaking wet. Emma brought her fingers to Sofie's mouth, who licked off her own cunt. Then Emma leaned forward. With her tongue she gave Sofie's pussy a lick. Sophie held her breath for a moment. Emma continued and slowly began to lick the pussy from bottom to top. First along the edges and then deeper with her tongue into Sofie's pussy. Sofie didn't know how she had it, Emma had no experience in this, but she licked her pussy like an experienced whore.

Emma started to lick faster and moved her tongue to Sofie's clit. Sophie moaned softly. Oh yes, nice. While she was licking the clit, Emma stuck two fingers in Sofie's pussy. Aahh Sofie managed to moan out. Slowly Emma started to fuck Sofie's pussy with her fingers. She continued to indulge the clit with her tongue. Keep it up, Sofie moaned. After doing this for a while, Emma said, looks like you're far enough. Sofie couldn't hide a sigh of disappointment Emma's tongue and fingers were no longer spoiling her.

Emma quickly grabbed the dildo from the desk and inserted it into Sofie's cunt in one fluid movement. The big thing came right in half. Aaah haaa moaned Sofie with pleasure. She was soaking wet and had no problem with the thing. Emma started making pumping movements with the dildo. She bent over again and as she fucked Sofie with the dildo, she continued to lick Sofie's clit. Sofie started moaning again, ooh aah.

How she was enjoying. With her hands she pushed Emma's head closer to her cunt. Yes she moaned lick me, fuck me. Emma picked up the pace and soon Sofie was speechless. Only moans came out of her mouth. Ooh aaah ah yes. Sofie felt her orgasm coming on. She was swept over like a great wave. Aah aaah aaaaahhh. Sofie arched her back and came shockingly. The cunt juice flowed out of her and a wet spot had formed on her desk. Sophie was panting heavily. It was as if she had just run a marathon, she had come so hard. Rosy lowered Sofie onto Emma's lap and kissed her full on the mouth. A little later the two ladies had recovered enough and they got dressed again.

Wow, Emma said, that was great. Sofie nodded in agreement and said, that is certainly worth repeating. Nicely replied Emma, which means that the work is a lot more interesting and exciting from now on.

At the end of the day, Sofie went to the spy shop on her way home. Small cameras were sold here and Sofie bought some of them. It was indeed going to be an interesting time at the office.